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Jennifer Ferguson's Success Story

Jennifer declined to take a before picture when she started at Delta Life Fitness, because she feared documenting what might amount to one more run at[...]

Female Fat Loss After 40

Most women in their 40s will tell you that, while they’ve grown more resourceful and confident, there are other changes they’re less excited about.

Carol Beard’s Success Story

Carol Beard won a free two-week membership to Delta Life Fitness in June of 2015. She was 270 pounds and struggling to hold onto a diet and exercise[...]

The “key” to slimmer thighs

Over the past decade we’ve worked with hundreds of women who want leaner, slimmer legs but don’t know how to get started and what really works.  

Amy Roper’s Success Story

Amy Roper joined Delta Life Fitness eight months ago. Even though she had lost weight before joining DLF, she still hadn’t met her goal and[...]

Delta Life Fitness Announces Tone and Torch 2.0 Workout Program

With the support of our fitness experts and your helpful feedback, we’ve developed the Tone and Torch 2.0 Workout Program. 

Amy Morgan’s Success Story

One of the biggest obstacles that prevent people from reaching their goals is a fear of commercial gyms. “I’ll lose some weight first, and then I’ll[...]

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

It is not easy to stay motivated. If you’ve ever started a new diet, made a resolution to workout, or decided to cut out all caffeinated drinks, you[...]