Amy Morgan’s Success Story

November 28, 2017

Amy Morgan | DLF Success Story

One of the biggest obstacles that prevent people from reaching their goals is a fear of commercial gyms. “I’ll lose some weight first, and then I’ll join the gym” is a typical excuse. At 174 lbs, Amy Morgan knew that she needed to make a change, but she was nervous about entering a gym.

“I wanted to be a better wife and mother; I had totally lost focus on me. I was able to knock off a few pounds with a smart eating program, but I just needed more. And the thought of walking in to your typical gym terrified me”. - Amy Morgan 

Luckily for Amy, Delta Life Fitness (DLF) is not “your typical” gym. DLF is a women-only gym, which makes a lot of our members feel safer and more confident. She signed up for a free workout and has not looked back since.

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“Seven months ago my life changed dramatically by having the courage to walk into Delta Life. I now weigh 133 pounds and have gone from 34% body fat to 23%”. - Amy Morgan 

These results are fantastic and are a natural consequence of  hard work, dedication, smart training, and nutrition principles. But it’s not only weight loss that Amy has achieved through her time at Delta Life. She has also enjoyed other, equally important benefits.

“I have gained confidence, physical strength, mental and emotional strength, and most of all a new family. Delta Life has made the most impact on me.” - Amy Morgan 

Amy’s success story is an example of what can be achieved when you sign up to Delta Life Fitness and embrace the culture within. As she says, she has gained a new family. Members are encouraged to compete with each other using their Delta Life apps, as well as motivate and inspire each other. Many of our members make friends for life at DLF; we have found that our gym offers the perfect environment for this.

If you’ve been inspired by hearing Amy’s success story, why not come down for a free session at your local Delta Life Fitness studio? You’ll get an amazing workout, terrific support, and - more than likely - a whole new friendship group to support you!


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