Amy Roper’s Success Story

December 21, 2017

Amy Roper | DLF Success Story

Amy Roper joined Delta Life Fitness eight months ago. Even though she had lost weight before joining DLF, she still hadn’t met her goal and additionally wanted to up her fitness. At Delta Life Fitness (DLF), we aim to create a space where our members feel at home. We also encourage members to form new relationships with women on the same journey as them. But our priority is to give you the tools to reach your fitness goals.


“From the moment I walked through the door, I knew I was in the right place. The staff and the other members are encouraging,  supportive and quickly became like family.” - Amy Roper


Using the DLF 3-Step-Process - exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle - Amy lost a further 29 pounds. Members like Amy have access to our signature Tone & Torch program, which is designed to help you tone up and slim down. Our workouts are created for busy women. It is therefore important that they are short - 30 minutes long - but effective.  We’ve designed a 3-step-process for busy, multitasking women that combines an exercise, nutrition and habit-based lifestyle programs.

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“Over the last eight months, I’ve lost 29 pounds, but I’ve gained so much more. I’ve gained strength, confidence, friendships, healthy habits, and my energy level is through the roof.” - Amy Roper


As a women-focused gym, Delta Life Fitness gives its members the benefits and energy of a group workout with the attention of an experienced personal coach. Our coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging and committed to helping you meet your goals.

At 43-years-old, Amy is currently in the best shape she’s ever been. In both her professional and family life, Amy has seen so much progress.


“Delta Life Fitness has truly helped change my life. Since joining, I’m not afraid to try new things that challenge me and put me outside my comfort zone. I can finally participate and keep up  with my 7-year-old at the park, on the soccer field and go on amusement park rides.” - Amy Roper


For busy mother’s like Amy, Delta Life Fitness offers a program that works according to their lifestyle. This includes tracking your progress with our state of the art DLF technology. You get feedback emailed directly to you after each workout showing calories burned along with other achievements. As a bonus, we also offer a supervised kids corner at all our gyms.


“I am blessed to not only be held accountable by my Delta sisters, I am humbled to be an inspiration to the wonderful ladies around me.”- Amy Roper


Amy’s fitness story is one of many successful examples of what can be achieved when you sign up to Delta Life Fitness. If you are inspired by Amy’s story but aren’t 100% sure if Delta Life Fitness is for you, join us for a free trial at your local DLF studio.

Your free session will include an amazing workout, support from other members, our coaches, and you'll be shown how our 3-step-process can easily work with your lifestyle .

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