Carol Beard’s Success Story

January 29, 2018

Carol Beard - Success Story

Carol Beard won a free two-week membership to Delta Life Fitness in June of 2015. She was 270 pounds and struggling to hold onto a diet and exercise regimen. Concerned that she wouldn’t take full advantage of the free membership, she signed a one-year contract. She knew that if she spent money on it, she’d go.


“My first day, I thought I might die… I was nervous, so I worked out close to the door and didn’t really talk to anyone. I was embarrassed of how much I weighed, how out of shape I was.” -Carol Beard


That first workout, she modified each exercise so she could make it to the end. Her body hurt so much afterward that she could barely stand, but she finished. This was her first victory!

On that first day, she made a choice; she committed.

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Within a couple of weeks, she had a regular class time: 5:15 AM. She felt like a crazy person for working out so early. Her workout was finished before she woke her kids up for school, and, best of all, she found a group of women who supported and encouraged her. Her self-consciousness soon transformed to steely determination. She went to the gym every day it was open.

And the weight came off, slowly at first, and then faster. She found an amazing workout partner. They showed up for each other. They got stronger. 

Lean muscle replaced fat tissue. She drank water, black coffee, and unsweetened tea. On her one-year anniversary of joining Delta Life Fitness, she had lost 100 pounds. Only then did she take her first day off to have eight pounds of loose skin removed from her stomach. She took a few days off to recover and came right back.


“For the last two-and-a-half years, I have been part of a family of women: my 5:15 AM early morning crew. We do it in the dark, sometimes half asleep, sometimes a little whiny because no one loves burpees before dawn no matter what they might tell you. But we are sisters. We support each other, we bring new members into our fold, we do our best to make them understand that they can, in fact, do weighted squats before the sun comes up, and no, it will not kill them.” -Carol Beard

Carol says that she’s tried and failed to have a healthy body weight for her entire life. She’s tried changing her eating habits. She’s gotten into an exercise routine before. This is the first time she’s ever made it work.


“The difference is the people. Linh and Tiara and Jena and these women sweat beside me, and they were the difference.” -Carol Beard


Delta Life Fitness connected her with a community of devoted women excited to see each other succeed. The first photo was from Day One two-and-a-half years ago. The other photo was taken December 2017. These photos are proof that you, too, can do it!

Come by for a free session at your local Delta Life Fitness studio. You’ll get an amazing workout, terrific support, and - more than likely - a whole new friendship group to support you! 

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