Delta Life Fitness Announces Tone and Torch 2.0 Workout Program

December 13, 2017

With the support of our fitness experts and your helpful feedback, we’ve developed the Tone and Torch 2.0 Workout Program. 

Our very first workouts - based on the boot camp style methods used to train marines, were both fun and helped our participants achieve decent results. With hard work and commitment, participants lost weight and got an excellent cardio workout. Despite the benefits, the boot camp style workouts had a few fundamental flaws as a result of us not taking women’s needs and goals into consideration.


The Fundamental Flaws of
Delta Life Bootcamps workouts

  • No muscle toning

  • Very little strength training: We failed to ensure that women were receiving the correct ratio of strength training to cardio. When this is done correctly and combined with heart-rate-based effort levels, you’ll get best workout possible in the shortest amount of time.

  • Wasted time: We have found that the number one reason women fail at workout programs is time. In boot camp style workouts it is incredibly difficult to efficiently deliver proper programming which often leads to class times being longer than needed.

  • Crowded classes: Due to classes being crowded women struggled to get to weight stations leading to participants not getting the weights they want to use, as well as women feeling like they get lost in the crowd during workouts. This often leads to confusion.

  • Lack of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) activation: By using EPOC activation, participants can continue to burn calories for 24 to 38 hours after a workout.


Finding Solutions To These
Fundamental Flaw

After identifying the flaws in our program, we knew we needed to solve ALL of the following to get effective results:

  • Shorten our workouts

  • Ensure that each participant executes enough strength training and cardio

  • Maintain the optimal heart rate zone


Studies show that EPOC effects are best generated when we combine both anaerobic and aerobic activities. Aerobic activities burn the most calories during that activity. Anaerobic work activates EPOC so we can burn calories post workout. Without focusing on both aerobic and anaerobic you will burn calories during your workout and not afterward too which will lead to you not seeing many tangible results.


Working on Finding The Perfect
Aerobic & Anaerobic Workout

Producing results that continue to be amazing in half the time, Tone and Torch 2.0 is an excellent program that produces wins all around. Every workout utilizes the combination of cardio with strength training which is exactly what women need to produce the best results.

We worked on producing a workout that was all inclusive of every goal that our women wanted to achieve. It took some trial and error, which included Tone and Torch 1.0, till we found the perfect workout.

Take a look at these heart-rate monitored results
from our Tone and Torch 1.0 workouts:



Tone and Torch 1.0 workouts burned more calories in less time than traditional high-intensity interval training workouts or boot camp style workouts. Even though these results were impressive for 30-minutes, we were still missing something.

During our tests, we did not take into account the average heart rate, peak heart rate and burn out.

The EPOC (the magic that allows us to experience the afterburn effect) formula is really simple….

EPOC (t) = f(EPOC(t-1), exercise_intensity(t), dt)

Just kidding, we know it’s not simple.

This formula shows that exercise intensity has a lot to do with the overall effects or how many post-workout calories you can actually burn. We knew that our Tone and Torch 1.0 workouts had two main problems: low average heart rate and low peak heart rates - which meant that our workouts were not hard enough.

In the image above, you’ll see that a 71% average heart-rate is still not good enough to get the best results. By trying to implement aerobic with anaerobic movements we lost a bit of the intensity which means that less afterburn was produced. These workouts also lacked variety which created burnout and boredom.

To activate EPOC, you need your average heart rate to be closer to 80% effort during a 30-minute workout. Our next challenge was to get the average heart rate up from 71% to 80% or above?

Our team of fitness experts went to work to ensure less wasted time, smoother transitions, more challenging heart rate zones, straight to the point warm-ups and fun new structures. The result of our efforts was Tone and Torch 2.0!

Tone and Torch 1.0 VS Tone & Torch 2.0

Tone & Torch 2.0 advantages summarized:

  • 39% increase in calories burned during the workout
  • 2X more calories burned post workout
  • Heart Rate Increase of 12% on average
  • Burns more fat
  • Maximum EPOC stimulation 
  • No wasted time

Introducing Delta Life Fitness Tone & Torch 2.0 - An Aerobic & Anaerobic Workout

Before you get to do any of our workouts, they are 100% heart rate tested, tweaked and perfected. Each workout passes criteria to ensure two things: maximum calories burned during the workout and maximum calories burned post-workout. As you can see from the image above the new structure promises to deliver an average heart rate of over 80% with every workout.

The new and improved workout classes "structures"
of Tone and Torch 2.0 includes the following:*

  • Chop set
  • Group work
  • Ladder
  • Redemption
  • Rounds
  • Sprints
  • Dash and stamina

*Find a more detailed description of each class below

Every second accounted for, every workout tested to achieve the best results! Join us from January 2018 when the Delta Life Fitness Tone and Torch 2.0 workouts hit our studios.

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Delta Life Fitness - A Trusted Name
in Women’s Fitness

We ensure that every woman that joins us is provided with workouts that will give them results they are looking for. It is therefore essential that we receive feedback, and do tests.

We take pride in knowing that we have the following:

  • Over a decade of testing

  • Over 10,000 customers and their feedback

  • Over 1000 female transformations

  • 6 months of heart rate monitored test

  • Approaching $10,000,000 in market research

  • A team of coaches, franchisees, and headquarters staff that are devoted to our mission of changing women’s lives with results-driven group training



  1. Dash -  A true high-intensity interval training workout. Designed for short bursts of high output.

  2. Sprint - A perfect combination of high-intensity interval training and endurance training.
  3. Stamina - Endurance day! Long sets of muscle sculpting work.
  4. Rounds - A fun class to test your stamina while seeing how many rounds you can complete. Great for those who love a challenge. 
  5. Redemption - A fan favorite! Gives you the chance to achieve a target heart rate zone and reward yourself for the effort.
  6. Chop Set - Come out the gate with long endurance sets but finish with short, high-intensity bursts of energy. 
  7. Ladder - The perfect workout that builds in intensity by starting with low reps and pushes you as high as you can go in the allotted time.

  8. Group Work - Our fun community workout. Begin by toning your muscles with a movement at your individual station but end with group movements.


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