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Interview with new studio owner Kim Lay | Frisco, TX

We are excited to announce our new studio in Frisco, TX. We’ve interviewed studio owner Kim Lay for you to learn more.

Interview with new studio owner Kellyan Hull | Katy, TX

We are excited to announce our new studio in Katy, TX. We’ve interviewed studio owner Kellyan Hull for you to learn more.

The pros and cons of owning a fitness franchise

Starting your own business in the wellness industry has major appeal --- and for good reason: Freedom, lifestyle choices, financial opportunity, a[...]

The 6 best franchise opportunities in the fitness industry

You grew up playing sports, order a monthly health and wellness magazine, make activity a regular part of your routine, and take pride in what you eat.[...]

What you should know before starting your own fitness franchise

LinkedIn’s founder Reid Hoffman compared entrepreneurship to jumping off a cliff and building a plane during your free fall. We like to think of[...]

Why Female Fitness Franchises Make Excellent Investments

Starting up your own gym requires a considerable initial investment. Add in complex spreadsheets with membership numbers and training hours, and the[...]

The Secret Weapon Of Fitness Franchises: Group Workouts

Personal training was once thought of as a luxury afforded only to superstars and the Hollywood elite. The traditional, one-one-one model paired one[...]

An Alternative to becoming an Orangetheory Fitness Franchisee

Many investors love Orangetheory Fitness and desperately want to become franchise owners; however, sold out territories and high initial investment[...]

Delta Life Fitness joins the SBA Franchise Registry

What do these franchised brands have in common?


The Delta Life Fitness rebrand looks to establish a clear and prominent identity within the fitness marketplace.