An Alternative to becoming an Orangetheory Fitness Franchisee

June 11, 2018

Many investors love Orangetheory Fitness and desperately want to become franchise owners; however, sold out territories and high initial investment costs have prospective franchisee owners asking:

“Are there alternative franchise options to Orangetheory Fitness?”

Orangetheory Fitness holds a top 10 position on several franchise lists, for good reason. In general, the boutique fitness business model has several advantages over food based franchise systems.

Advantages of a boutique fitness franchise compared to a food based franchise:

  • Lower initial investment cost
  • Significantly fewer employees
  • No inventory to manage or spoilage concerns
  • Recurring membership model makes revenue more predictable
  • Direct response marketing instead of brand awareness marketing

The popularity of the Orangetheory Fitness brand caused markets to sell out quickly, resulting in many would-be owners being eliminated from consideration.

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So what are some attractive boutique fitness franchise alternatives?

Choosing a comparable alternative to Orangetheory is tricky. If the startup price is too low or if the royalties are a “low fixed” cost, you need to understand these models are built for personal trainers that want to make their own programs. They would be a great fit for a trainer looking for some basic branding but not comparable to a complete fitness franchise that offers done-for-you workouts and systems to run the business.

To find a fitness franchise investment comparable to Orangetheory, you need to search for investments that cost at least $200,000. If the initial investment is less than that, the model is more than likely built for trainers wanting to create their own systems and workouts.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a fitness franchise that has all the strengths of an Orangetheory, then you should consider a more complete boutique concept like CycleBar, F45, or our very own Delta Life Fitness.

CycleBar is a premier indoor cycling franchise with a great concept. It’s very well established and polished. According to, “The concept of indoor cycling has built incredible momentum over the last 30 years. CycleBar leverages current markets to capitalize on this momentum and is experiencing exceptional success in a proven industry.

CycleBar strengths:

  • Premium consumer experience
  • Niche market that caters to cycle enthusiasts
  • In-depth training from the franchisor

Get more information about franchising with CycleBar here.

F45, the Australian-based functional fitness concept, is gaining a ton of momentum right now. This fun, new fitness concept offers a great full body workout in only 45 minutes.

F45 Strengths:

  • A relatively low startup cost
  • Technology-delivered workouts (franchisee doesn’t have to make their own)
  • Flexible buildout options

Learn more about franchising with F45 here.

Delta Life Fitness is a women's focused fitness boutique. It shares many of the same qualities as Orangetheory but caters to women with 30-minute classes, supervised childcare, and a female-friendly atmosphere.

Delta Life Fitness Strengths:

  • Built for women
  • 30 minute classes
  • Done-for-you workouts and systems

Although the Orangetheory Fitness investment opportunity may have escaped you, the boom of boutique fitness studios has only just begun.

For a quick comparison of some different fitness franchises, download this comparison chart by clicking on the button below.

Fitness Franchise Comparison Chart

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