Why Female Fitness Franchises Make Excellent Investments

October 17, 2018

Starting up your own gym requires a considerable initial investment. Add in complex spreadsheets with membership numbers and training hours, and the gym business no longer appears to be the fun, easy project you once thought it was going to be.

We have answers.


The appeal of niche

Women-only gyms present an appealing business option for any entrepreneur who is looking for a profitable endeavor. Female-focused businesses offer business owners several benefits. For one, niche markets generally come with lower overheads than those businesses attempting to reach a wider range of consumers. As a female-centric fitness provider, you can focus on catering to the needs of your customers and positioning your brand competitively in your local marketplace.

Furthermore, honing in on specific, defined audiences helps streamline communications and marketing strategy. Managerial teams can create unique offerings and emphasize programs that target female-focused audiences. This can save advertising dollars and time.


Opportunity to create

Gym settings have traditionally centered around the “all boys club” with environments that focus on men and bodybuilding needs. Yet with fitness trends changing and wellness education broadening, women have discovered exercise as a way to nourish body and mind.

As a result, women-only gyms provide members with specific classes and training not typically found in traditional co-ed fitness settings. Group classes give participants the ability to form friendships alongside a platform to reach individual fitness and lifestyle goals.

Delta Life Fitness (DLF) partners have the ability to create health communities that encourage fitness and relationship building among women. These kind of women-focused environments give you, the potential CEO, a unique opportunity to foster camaraderie among clientele, build a loyal customer base, and promote a motivating atmosphere in which staff and trainers can thrive.

The fitness industry has evolved to become more inclusive and welcoming to men and women of all backgrounds. Education has helped fitness-goers empower themselves with smarter workout regimens, a variety of exercise routines, and information to make healthier lifestyle choices. Our proud DLF owners know that female-centric businesses are a culmination of all these elements. Inspiring women to achieve their health goals while reaping the benefits of a profitable business endeavor is a life-changing experience for many of our partners.

If you’re interested in learning more and finding out how DLF can help you start your own business, speak to one of our advisors or request an information packet to be sent to you.

For a quick comparison of some different fitness franchises, download this comparison chart by clicking on the button below.

Fitness Franchise Comparison Chart


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