The Secret Weapon Of Fitness Franchises: Group Workouts

October 01, 2018

Personal training was once thought of as a luxury afforded only to superstars and the Hollywood elite. The traditional, one-one-one model paired one paying client with one trained fitness professional. A fixed hourly rate would be agreed upon, or slightly discounted training sessions would be offered if purchased in bundles.

That was until group training came into the picture.


The American College of Sports Medicine identified group training as one of the top fitness trends of 2018.

Now qualified instructors can coach many clients in a given session --- and reap big rewards. With more clients paying per training session, fitness professionals can earn more pay with less effort. Though participants don’t receive the same individual care and attention of a private session, exercisers still have access to an informed, knowledgeable fitness professional.

A win-win for clients, trainers, and company.


Not only do group workouts give trainers the opportunity to serve more clients, the affordability of training sessions help exercisers find the motivation and accountability they need to push through fitness slumps. As relationships are formed among clients and with instructors, exercisers are encouraged to stick with regular training schedules and attend weekly classes.

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For gym members, group training
is a bargain.

Connections established with other gym-goers can be the encouragement needed for new exercisers to develop gym habits. Friendly competition can trigger more advanced participants to make gains, improve strength, and build speed. On days a solo exerciser isn’t “feeling it,” group classes can be the structure and support needed to get moving. Add in music, lights, mirrors, and energetic personalities --- clients can be inspired to go beyond their limits (while having fun). In fact, working out in group settings has been shown to decrease stress levels, too.


Now let’s talk financials.

Group training can generate more income than one-on-one sessions.

Many studios have capitalized on the popularity of group fitness classes. SoulCycle reported profits of $4 million per studio; Barry’s Bootcamp has built a cult following; Orangetheory anticipates $1 billion in 2018 revenue.

Class settings offer the kind of fitness environments that cater to a variety of abilities and interests. Updated class schedules keep exercisers coming back for more and hook enthusiasts to regular participation. Group classes also make scheduling easier for trainers, so fitness teams can open up hours for other projects and revenue streams.


As you can see, group settings are a fitness entrepreneur’s dream.

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