What you should know before starting your own fitness franchise

November 05, 2018

LinkedIn’s founder Reid Hoffman compared entrepreneurship to jumping off a cliff and building a plane during your free fall. We like to think of franchise models as your wings; a guide so you don’t feel completely alone while starting your own business journey.


1. A franchise is a business in a box.

Instead of having to create business plans and marketing strategy, a franchise presents a fully packaged business opportunity: A ready-made product, a credible brand, instructions, and support while you grow your business. All you have to do is assemble the components and you’re on your way to becoming your own boss!

Built into your franchise is an established level of quality and service. Since the product is there, waiting for you to deliver, you can shift focus away from developing an original idea and toward sales and execution. With tried and true products, customers are easier to convert and brand recognition helps cement your efforts -- ideal elements for thriving fitness communities!


2. A franchise is a partnership.

Franchise business models offer some limitations, however, and we want you to be aware of them. The freedom that comes with business ownership is one of the key driving factors for entrepreneurs worldwide. With a franchise, you won’t have the same kind of independence. A franchise comes with an agreement, a predefined set of rules to help entrepreneurs assert brand strength and ensure customers get similar experiences no matter where they are in the world. While some rogues may see this as an obstacle to development and creativity, we think this makes doing business easier.


You’ll need to establish some boundaries and draw lines between your management and team to meet requirements set forth by your umbrella brand. This requires finesse on your part, but the best creatives know that boundaries can serve as silos, catapulting the best ideas even higher into the sky.


3. Know which investments are required.

As a future business owner, whether you start a franchise or not, you’ll need to consider the investments you’re going to make: not only financially, but energetically, and of your time. It is worth taking time to compare different pricing models to see whether an upfront license fee or percentage of revenue is required by your overhead company.

While definitions of what a franchise is can vary, the use of trademarks, assistance from the franchisor (us!), and whatever fees required are pretty standard. Additionally, franchising often comes with royalties or joining fees.

This represents an investment, both on your part and on our side: We want to make sure you are as committed as we are to serving the greater wellness community. As with any agreement, limitations and terms will be thoroughly discussed before both parties are ready to sign.


4. Get the support you need.

Whether you decide to franchise with Delta Life or another company, make sure the company you are entering an agreement with is capable of giving you what you need. Creating a successful health facility is no small task; at Delta Life, we make sure you have the supplies, equipment, strategic support, and marketing tools you need to encourage client growth and establish a strong team. We know how many challenges are in store for someone with no business or sales background, that’s why we want to help you with our years of experience.

The benefits that come from running your own health center extend far beyond the professional realm. Your personal and family life will be impacted, too. That’s why we’ll take care of some of your biggest headaches: Policies, business plans, gym set-up, and membership structures. And because Delta Life is known for exceptional work within the women’s fitness industry, you’ll have a client base ready to join.

We understand that our clients put trust in our brand name, ultimately linking their business future with a brand name in which they have limited control. We think it’s wise to choose a company that cares about community. Take time to make decisions that are supportive of you and your goals.

Starting up your own business is a pretty big commitment. We’re here to make the process a bit easier. See for yourself by reading testimonials from a few of our clients or set an appointment to speak to one of our qualified team members.

For a quick comparison of some different fitness franchises, download this comparison chart by clicking on the button below.

Fitness Franchise Comparison Chart


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