Delta Life Fitness joins the SBA Franchise Registry

June 04, 2018

What do these franchised brands have in common?

    • Massage Envy
    • Pizza Hut
    • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Delta Life Fitness
  • Burger King

They are all on the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) franchise registry, making it easier for individuals to get startup funding.

The SBA qualifies franchised businesses for the approved registry list based on a number of criteria, one being a thorough examination of the brand’s franchise disclosure document (FDD).

Since joining the SBA registry in April 2018, Delta Life Fitness franchisees have already been approved for several SBA loans. Generally, these government-backed loans cover up to 80% of the initial start up cost and the initial budget for the first several months of operation.

Delta Life’s financial officer, Cassie Marlow, stated, “I have certainly seen a drastic increase in approved loans for starting Delta Life Fitness studios since being added to the official SBA franchise registry. It is exciting.

According to, part of the SBA’s mission is to help Americans start, build and grow businesses.

I am just excited to see the SBA working hard to fund new business ventures like Delta Life Fitness,” said Christin Cherry, Delta Life’s Director of Operations. “It helps more people go into business for themselves, creates more local jobs, and the product itself helps local residents live healthier lives.”

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