Gym bag essentials to encourage your daily fitness routine

September 05, 2018

Finding time to incorporate exercise into an already busy schedule is one of the biggest hurdles to establishing a regular workout program. Choosing your workout clothes the night before – even sleeping in them! – to setting the coffee pot timer for 6AM can help morning exercisers get going.

But what about those who have to sneak fitness sessions in during a lunch break or in between afternoon and evening appointments?

We got you.

A well-packed bag can mean the difference between finding motivation to hit up the gym or skip it all together. With a bit of advance planning, your bag will be ready at all times for gym sessions folded into hectic days and crammed before Happy Hour with friends.


Stash the must-haves

We’ve all had that moment: You get to the gym and realize you’ve left your headphones on your desk or at home. Demoralizing. Especially when you’re looking forward to your pre-made playlist. To avoid such mishaps, keep a set in your bag.

Beyond the basics for every workout: Appropriate sneaks, a good sports bra, leggings, t-shirt, and a water bottle, there are some other smart essentials to keep with you.


Go extra

Hair ties and clips can separate a hard-core session from one in which you have to constantly tuck loose strands behind your ear. Having an extra headband or snag-free elastic means you won’t have to ask around for a rubber band or something that could potentially damage your locks.

Packing other “extras” can save time and keep you feeling fresh when you’re racing from your workout onto your next meeting. Stash an extra pair of socks and underwear for those extra-sweaty HIIT days.


Post-workout refresh

By now you should know the importance of refueling and feeding your body a post-workout snack. Unfortunately crazy calendars don’t always permit sit-down meals. Carry nuts, seeds, or a recovery bar in your bag for days you need to eat and run.

And since not every gym stocks mouthwash or disposable toothbrushes, keep your breath fresh with mints or sugar-free gum placed into your bag’s side pocket.


Running beauty

Don’t worry, we won’t tell. We know there are days you don’t have time to hop in the shower before your next errand. Instead, have a packet of face wipes to swipe over your forehead and other areas that could use a pat down. Next, add a perfume roller to your gym-kit and dab strategically behind your ears and on your wrists to feel put-together and fresh.

Since it isn’t realistic to carry all of your favorite beauty products around with you, focus on the fundamentals: a small tube of SPF moisturizer, a natural mascara to match your lashes, and a pretty nude lip gloss. These small touches can be the finish you need before you meet the rest of your day.

After all, if you look good, you’ll feel good. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Happy exercising!

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