Jennifer Ferguson's Success Story

March 13, 2018

Jennifer Ferguson | Success Story

Jennifer declined to take a before picture when she started at Delta Life Fitness, because she feared documenting what might amount to one more run at failure. She had tried to get in shape more times than she could count.

“Diets, gyms, meal plans… You name it, I’ve tried it.” - Jennifer Ferguson

Her weight went up, down, and way up again and again.
In May of 2017, she saw an ad on Facebook for a 2 week free trial at Delta Life Fitness. Immediately, she applied her try-again attitude and went. In two days, she was hooked.

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“I have never found a more successful outlet for exercise than Delta Life. I refuse to call it ‘my gym’ because Delta Life is just so much more than that. It’s a sisterhood, a place where everyone knows the struggle of weight loss.” - Jennifer Ferguson

Jennifer found a home.

Delta Life hasn’t just changed my appearance. It’s changed my drive for being the best I can be.” - Jennifer Ferguson


She says that she has further to go, but she knows that reaching her goals is more than possible now.

Come by for a free session at your local Delta Life Fitness studio. You’ll get an amazing workout, terrific support, and - more than likely - a whole new friendship group to support you! 

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